FALL IN LOVE with YOUR TECHNOLOGY                   

A Personal Geek on your side -- One-on-One Technological Coaching



                                 Shame-Free & Blame-Free Technical Support

                        Hardware, software and people interface challenges

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Personal Technological coaching from A to Z:

                                      Selection of hardward & Software

                                      Set up & make connections

                                      Support from education to independence

                                      Successful technological applications for heart, mind and soul!!!

Guidance, as to which types of technology best enhance YOUR quality of life.

Backup-answers & resolutions to all those small nagging techno-questions AND backup for your important documents, photos & data

Problem identification & Solution driven Advice for MAC and PC users & owners of ages (i.e. parents & kids alike)


On-going support, follow-up for all technological situations  so you have a healty heart and a serene spirit. (Responses within 24-hours-often sooner).

Gentle Supportive Educational approach for those who feeel "left behind & left-out" of the Technological Explosion

All the "Hands & Feet" support you'll ever need to fall in love with your personal technology

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